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A Calibrated Spine & Nervous System for Better Function

Most people associate chiropractors with specializing in back or neck problems, or the structural components of those. It might surprise you to find out that at Calibration Chiropractic we look further – our focus is on directly enhancing your neural-structural function. Your spine has a direct relationship to your nervous system and can be the source of irritation when it’s not functioning correctly, thus leading or contributing to many secondary conditions.

What makes us so unique?

Rather than continually relieving symptom after symptom like traditional practitioners, we focus on the core of the problem(s) and offer a comprehensive solution by looking at the neurological and structural integrity of the body to determine the best ways to correct the primary condition of neuro-structural shift.

Why is Neuro-Structural Integrity so Important?

Your spinal health influences your overall health and well-being due to the direct relationship between the spine and the nervous system. The function of your spine influences the function of your nervous system, and your nervous system controls all the daily operations of your body. Therefore, at Calibration Chiropractic we go beyond pain to understand how accurately your body is functioning as a whole, all the way from posture and movement to organ function. The implications of poor neuro-structural health are far reaching.


As an adult, we face many challenges that can distract us from putting our health and well-being first. It doesn’t matter if you want relief from a current health concern, or wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle to the best of your ability, everyone can benefit from neuro-structural care.

If you suffer from any of these…

Balance Issues
Chronic Pain / Illness
Fatigue / Poor Sleep
Neuro-Degenerative Cases (Parkinson’s / MS)
Numbness / Tingling
TMJ Disorders

Our neuro-structural care will help you experience…
Less Pain
Fewer Headaches
Better Sleep
More Energy
Stronger Immune System
Lower Blood Pressure
Better Digestion
Improved Work Performance
Enhanced Well-Being


There’s no better time to listen to your body than when you’re pregnant. Through all of the wonderful transformative experiences that happen during a pregnancy, the demands on the body are never stronger. It’s no secret that pregnant women experience aches and pains, but other struggles including problems with fetal position and maternal stress levels can greatly affect the pregnancy experience. That’s why our neuro-structural chiropractic care ensures proper spine, pelvic, and nervous system balance so the pregnancy is more comfortable and delivery is easier and more efficient. You and your baby will be in the best of hands with Dr. Jordan Adams who certified in the Webster Protocol and Prenatal Yoga.

You’ll experience a better, more comfortable pregnancy with...

Better Sleep
Optimal Baby Positioning
More Efficient Labor
Easier Birth
Decreased Risk of Intervention
Easier Recovery

Our neuro-structural care can improve your...
Back Pain
Fetal Positioning
Dystocia (Difficult Labor)
Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction


Your kids are the most precious thing in the world to you, and we understand you want the best for them. From the time children are born, their growth and development directly affect their health as an adult. Pediatric chiropractic care focusing on releasing tension in the system helps your child function better. Common problems that children experience like colic, ear infections, allergies, asthma, and even ADD/ADHD and autism spectrum disorders often respond positively to neuro-structural care. While we might not want to believe it, our children won’t be young forever so introducing safe, and natural neuro-structural chiropractic care at an early age will support a continued lifetime of health and wellness.

Our Neuro-Structural Care Can Help With Your Child’s...

Autism Spectrum
Ear Infections
​Nursing Challenges

The Benefits Your Child Will Experience
Fewer Illnesses & Allergies
Better Sleep
Improved Nursing
Fewer Injuries
Better Focus
Normal Development
More Emotional Stability
Enhanced Well-Being


The mind is powerful; our thoughts change the way we perceive and interact with the world around us. Because of this, Drs. Jordan and Joe Adams host an insight meditation group at their office on a weekly basis to teach others about mindfulness, meditation, and positive neuro-programming.

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