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Most people associate chiropractors with specializing in back or neck problems, or the structural components of those. It might surprise you to find out that at Calibration Chiropractic we look further. Our focus is on helping you to stop struggling and start thriving through care that incorporates a comprehensive and modern approach so you can finally live the life you want to be living.

What makes us so unique?

We don’t pop without a plan! Rather than continually relieving symptom after symptom like traditional practitioners, we focus on the core of the problem(s). We analyze as many components of your physical (structural) and mental (neurological) makeup to determine the underlying cause of what you’re experiencing. Then we develop a comprehensive, customized solution with you so we can get your body and mind re-calibrated back to an optimal place so you can stop struggling and get on living the life you want and deserve.

Why is Neuro-Structural Integrity so Important?

Your spinal health influences your overall health and well-being due to the direct relationship between the spine and the nervous system. The function of your spine influences the function of your nervous system, and your nervous system controls all the daily operations of your body. Therefore, at Calibration Chiropractic we go beyond the pain to understand how accurately your body is functioning as a whole, all the way from posture and movement to organ function. The implications of poor neuro-structural health are far-reaching and contribute to many secondary conditions.

If you suffer from any of these…

Balance Issues
Chronic Pain / Illness
Fatigue / Poor Sleep

Auto Accidents

Neuro-Degenerative Cases (Parkinson’s / MS)
Numbness / Tingling
TMJ Disorders

…our neuro-structural care will help you experience…

Less Pain
Fewer Headaches
Less Stress
Lower Blood Pressure
Better Digestion
Better Sleep
More Energy
Improved Work Performance
Enhanced Well-Being

PopUp Yoga

The mind is powerful; our thoughts change the way we perceive and interact with the world around us. Because of this, Drs. Jordan and Joe Adams host community-based pop up yoga classes to teach others about mindfulness, movement, and positive neuro-programming.

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