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UNSPOKEN: The Art of Finding Your Voice

The Art of Finding your Voice When speaking with a friend recently, he mentioned that people want R.E.A.L. They want authenticity, originality, and vulnerability. People crave real, and real is refreshing when we do come by it, but it can sometimes seem to be a...

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A Thought on Birth: From Turmoil to Tanquil

A Thought on Birth: From Turmoil to Tranquil In my previous post I mentioned that THOUGHTS matter - they matter BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER labor. Our mind is powerful! Our thoughts and attitudes play a huge role in impacting the pregnancy journey and...

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Birth: The Basics and the Overlooked

Birth: The Basics and the Overlooked Most of us are familiar with the concept that how we structure our life impacts the life we live. It's a reflection of our values, and sometimes it even transforms our values. This concept of structuring the things...

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