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Introduce Calibration Chiropractic Into Your Life

Experience transformative healing with the help of Calibration Chiropractic, a Mansfield, TX-based chiropractic practice whose mission is to bring precisely calibrated care to you and your family.

Empowering Individuals and Families To Take Ownership of Their Wellbeing

Everyone knows the importance of maintaining normal blood pressure and temperature. Yet most people are unfamiliar with the fact that there is a normal when it comes to the structure and function of your body – when there is a shift in your structure, there is a shift in your function.

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Providing Life-Changing Solutions

Our services span from helping adults and children live their best, to specializing in improving outcomes for expectant mothers and their babies. Whatever you’re here for, we will show you the results comprehensive care can make.

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Confronting the Core

Other chiropractors improve pain and range of motion, but often overlook the underlying causes, like neuro-structural shift. Rather than simply providing relief of symptoms time after time, Dr. Joseph and Dr. Jordan Adams of Calibration Chiropractic focus on the core of those problems by examining the neuro-structural relationship between structure and function. They provide a complete solution so the body can heal and function at its highest level.

Chiropractic Innovation, Mansfield, TX

Innovation Meets Comfort

To do this, we utilize state-of-the-art technology, which produces a complete neuro-structural assessment to find the cause of your symptoms. We look deeper into what’s going on. Using advanced technology allows us to see what’s going on inside the body and helps us determine the best approach for correcting it. This non-invasive method does not involve radiation, so we can even treat infants and expectant mothers with a gentle approach.

Through the years I have been to many chiropractors. What impresses me the most about Calibration is their in-depth assessment process with technology I’ve never seen and their focus on the brain and how it truly is the key to the overall health of the body!

They create a truly CUSTOMIZED plan (based on data) with every visit designed to meet the needs of your body that day (adjustments are not “routine”). Now, the most amazing thing … I feel better than I have in a long time! The issues I had to begin with have been corrected. I will of course continue with a maintenance plan – going backwards is never an option~

I HIGHLY recommend!

– Lori W.

Highly recommend! After my first adjustment yesterday, I felt more balanced than I have in years. Driving home I was calm and relaxed and I even had the best night sleep!

The adjustments were gentle and effective. The neurological assessments Certainly brought awareness to my body that one side of my body was weaker and after my adjustment I was balanced and feeling amazing!

Most people will only go to a chiropractor who is set up through their insurance and I have found that there is a difference in those practices versus ones that are set up for private pay. I was concerned if I could afford paying cash price but the doctor makes it affordable and most importantly there is value in his care.

There are some chiropractors who make a living at their job and then there are those that have the gift of touch and have passion to help people heal, Dr. Joseph definitely has the gift of touch and the passion to help us heal!

I definitely will be back weekly and I am currently trying to come up with a budget to get my husband who suffers from multiple sclerosis, up to see Dr. Joseph! I have faith he can help him feel balanced, functional and pain free! Thank you so much for taking the time and care to help me yesterday!

– Tyra F.

Amazing people that really care about your well being. The Calibration staff truly wants you to be the best version of yourself! They go above and beyond any chiropractor, period.

I remember my first visit with Dr. Joe. He told me that he views the spine as links to a chain. You fix the one that is kinked and the rest will fall into place!! The snap, crackle, pop method does not exist here!!!

Phenomenal Results
Thank You Calibration Chiropractic

– Andy B.


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